New Mexico Grazing Exchange Terms and Conditions

New Mexico Grazing Exchange offers this web site as a way for livestock producers and land managers to connect with one another to create mutually beneficial relationships, manage resources, and improve soil health. Use at your own risk.

The information on this website is generated by the users of the service; New Mexico Grazing Exchange is not liable or responsible for misrepresentations of current available grazing sites or livestock herds, nor for grazing agreements that may result from connections made via this website. It is the responsibility of individual users to provide accurate listing information, respond in a timely fashion, and maintain courteous, authentic communication with other users and site administrators. Users should engage with other users honestly and judiciously when making new connections and engaging in any subsequent agreements, either formal or informal.

It is not the purview of the New Mexico Grazing Exchange to monitor or manage user-to-user interactions beyond upholding the Terms of Use. Please report listings with inaccurate, outdated, or misleading information to site administrators using the contact form. Administrators reserve the right to deactivate or delete postings that are verified to be inappropriate.